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Screen Printing on Fabric

Screen printing is a technique of artistic customization of logos and images on fabric. We recreate the image on any fabric with the aid of technologically advanced printers. With advanced screen printing techniques we are able to achieve print types from the most classical, such as water or plastic printing, to more features:

  • glitter;

  • lamina;

  • flock;

  • shimmed;

  • inflatable;

  • corrosion;

  • devorè;

  • skin effect;

  • sealing wax;

  • classic fusible;

  • diamond dust.

It is a printing method which is characterized by the high quality, adaptability and precision, resulting from the fact that the colors are not printed simultaneously, but one at a time. Screen printing is one of the most appreciated and valuable techniques. Before to start production we make the color fastness test to make sure there are no contingencies. The customization can be performed on each finished or semi-finished garments: shirts, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans.