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Quasi 40 anni di esperienzaalta qualità delle nostre lavorazioniCon i migliori partner del settore fashion

Quasi 40 anni di esperienza

alta qualità delle nostre lavorazioni

Con i migliori partner del settore fashion

Welcome in New Line

Quality, professionalism, precision and handicraft care. These are the cardinal principles that near since four decades we aspire to offer to our customers a better service. Over the years the most prestigious brands of the fashion industry have given us confidence and this made us proud and we encourage to give the best of ourselves.

New Line Printed Fabric


Screen Printing on Fabric

Screen printing is a technique of artistic customization of logos and images on fabric.

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The airbrushing is a technique that allows to decorate any kind of fabric with excellent visual results.

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Direct Digital Printing

Direct digital textile printing is an innovative technology and high quality,

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Thermo Adhesive Application

The Heat Welding is a simple process that involves the application of hot plastic material,

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New Line wants to satisfy its customers, want to improve, want to create a unique beauty products. In a nutshell he wants to impress. We want to impress our customers, working for them, but above all with them.

New Line Printed Fabric